(G) Bedtime Bunnie Danglers Seulgie edition


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Bedtime Bunnie Danglers

The newest addition to the Bedtime Bunnies Line, these keychain style figures are a new resin sculpt produced by me in my Brooklyn studio space. Each figure is fitted with a loop screw for easy placement of string or chain( string and chain not included ). These editions of Sleeptime Bunnies are detailed by artist Seulgie to match her first run of Satyr.

You are choosing a  resin dandler bunnie. Each handmade bunnie is priced at $15.00 .

Seulgie has always been in love with cute little things. Drawing and making cute things are what she does for fun. She gained an apprenticeship under Peter Kato for seven months where she learned hand sculpting , mold making, and resin casting. With her apprenticeship complete she completed her very first sculpture Satyr which we now present to you. Her fondness for cuteness was reflected in Satyr's look. 

website: seulgie.com

instagram: seulgie._