• For Toysrevil ! Exclusive Bedtime Bunnies! Ten Star Bunnies available tonight 8pm EST

    Thursday Jun 11 2015

    Ten Star Bunnies are the Rock in Roll inspired Bedtime Bunnies done exclusively for the toy blog Toysrevil . Toysrevil has just turned 10 years old & to celebrate this occasion i have made these 10 exclusive pieces. All the money from these sales will go towards Toysrevil's fundraising project to help him continue his dedicated service and hard work. Let's help Toysrevil everyone! Thank you so much for your support !

     Each figure is 3 inches in height and are hand produced by me in my Brooklyn NY studio.  Handpainted Silver, Black with Red Star details and White...

  • Eye Heart Bunnies Debut Feb 5th 8pm EST

    Thursday Feb 05 2015

    Eye Heart You...I really really do 

    In time for Valentines day are the Eye Heart Bunnies my newest sculpt expansion of my Bedtime Bunnies series. Here to show undivided love & affection the bunnies signature "heart-shaped eyes" tell all. Their moto, Love with all your might.

    They will be available here thursday Feb 5th 8pm EST and will come in 3 varieties: one baby blue one pink with painted highlights and one blank pink. Each figure is handmade and will be priced at $25 each. 

    Also available this night are the Valentines Marsh mellow Sleeptime Bunnies...

  • New Bedtime Bunnies Colorwave Orange with Grey Bunnie Slippers

    Monday Jun 16 2014

    Hello everyone , hope you had an amazing weekend!

    This week we will be releasing some new Bedtime Bunnies, this time Orange with Grey slippers!

    Some at the studios wondered if this colorwave variation was influenced by my recent binge-watching of "Orange is the New Black" season 2, well i guess it is possible...not a bad connection to be made for sure~( I love that show~ ).

    3inch bunnies will be $20 each while the smaller 2.5inch variety will be $12 each.

    We will also have a restock on our shop standard of Pinks and Whites!

  • First 2014 Toy release: Uamou x Mogu-Tank

    Wednesday Jan 22 2014


    Hello again~, hope you all are enjoying this freeeezing , snowy New Years Winter! It snowed over 10 inches of packed snow here in NY, 
    I know compared to other places that's nothing but we don't get much in snow these days so it was an eye-opener for us!
    I'd like to introduce the first toy release from me for 2014. The Uamou Mogu-Tank.
    Uamou x Mogu-Tank
    This official collaboration is exclusive through Studio Uamou. The tank tread portion is a completely new original...
  • San Diego Comicon Exclusives~

    Tuesday Jul 03 2012

     For SDCC 2012 I will be teaming up with Giant Robot for an exclusive Turtle Tetsujin release.

    Cast in sea-foam green( chosen by Eric Nakamura of GR) and have accents of goldleaf & clear green paint. The torso this time around will have the Giant Robot Logo: Big Boss Robot imbedded inside it. I have long wanted to work with Giant Robot and am very excited about this collaboration.

    They will be $20 each limited to 20 pieces. SDCC booth #1729


  • Man-E-Toys posts on "Metal Fusion" Turtle Tetsujin!

    Wednesday Apr 25 2012

     Thank you Niall of Man-E-Toys for your wonderful posting~!


  • myplasticheart Turtle Tetsujin exclusives 2 type Metal Fusion! on Toysrevil

    Tuesday Apr 24 2012

     Super blogger Andy of Toysrevil was the first to post the news of two Turtle Tetsujin exclusives for myplasticheart. They are part of the "Metal Fusion" series that we will be seeing in our figures coming up. These first two are simply known as Orange & Silver version.

    Check out the link to see the post!


  • Video Interview on Kaiju Korner ~

    Wednesday Mar 28 2012


    Please check out my video interview on Kaiju Korner by Andy where I get to talk about my resin figures , toy history & plans

    for the coming year! http://kaijukorner.blogspot.com/2012/03/interview-with-peter-kato.html

    It's like 15 minutes so I'd check it out when you can unwind for a minute~


  • Hinomaru Turtle Tetsujin Restocked at myplasticheart~

    Sunday Mar 25 2012


    Went to myplasticheart and happily restocked the special Hinomaru Turtle Tetsujin Japan Charity figures. It's wonderful that they are selling, huge thans to the staff of myplasticheart for all their continued efforts in raising funds for the people of Japan that were affected by last years tsunami/earthquake disister. Each is selling for $25 & all proceeds go to the charity. Thank you all~


  • Vinyl Pulse covers Hinomaru Turtle Tetsujin~with my plastic heart

    Saturday Mar 17 2012

    Please check out the article by Vinyl Pulse!


  • "Pink Thunder" strikes at Toy Tokyo-!

    Wednesday Mar 14 2012

     Exclusive for the NYC toystore Toy Tokyo( I used to work there!) I made Bubblegum Pink & Mat-Black Turtle Tetsujins & FrightBites!

    On sale in store Turtle Tetsujin for $25 & FrightBite for $20. If you're in the area please visit the store & check them out!


    91 2nd Ave
    (between 5th St & 6th St) 
    New YorkNY 10003
    Neighborhood: East Village
    (212) 673-5424