• TEAL bedtime bunnies coming next Thursday night August 7th at 9pm

    Saturday Aug 02 2014

    They are just about ready to go up into my webshop peterkatoshop.com

    Inspired by customer reactions to test shots and my visit to the Hampton beaches one weekend I decide to create

    the teal series of bedtime bunnies. So when you look up teal on the intern a whole range of colors show up , there doesn't seem to be one definitive "teal' color. So i went with that, a range of sea-green colors that reminded me of the ocean beaches. All the colors are different blends of blue & green tints. The feets are cast in...

  • Lady Lizard (Lizzies) Preview for next Thursday Release at peterkatoshop.com

    Friday Jul 04 2014

    Preview of my latest original sculpted figure/ will be released next thursday July 10th 2014 here at peterkatoshop.com

    Details soon to follow(^-^)/

  • myplasticheart edition Bedtime Bunnies

    Monday Apr 14 2014

    Tuesday April 15th the nyc gallery toystore myplasticheart will release their colorwave for my Bedtime Bunnies. The assortment includes a color variation of light violets, chic yellows, light blues all with contrasting bunnie-slippers. The gallery-store has always been very supportive of my pieces so it was a pleasure to give them such a varied "easter" batch. This time the batch have been organized as a blind assortment so i have included a special chase figure, one golden bunnie with a black felted bottom. I hope you like the figures & please stop in at myplasticheart if you're in...

  • Smash Turtle Tetsujin sold out this morning!

    Friday May 04 2012

     All Smash Turtle Tetsujins have sold out early this morning! Thank you to all the bloggers, twitter friend retweeters, facebook linkers & instagram likers that help make it happen so fast! Here is an example of one of those supporters on instagram ( username : mohojung) as she creates amazing art collages with mixed media, with my permission she made this on her feed & was a great supporter and got the message out. Thank you again~

  • The Toy Viking covered Smash series!!!

    Thursday May 03 2012

     Big thanks to Chris at the Toy Viking for posting awesome write up ! Check it out!


  • Spankystokes Article on Smash series!!

    Wednesday May 02 2012

     Thanks to Nick(trustpig) writer for SpankyStokes on the great Smash series article!


  • Toysrevil features the Smash Turtle Tetsujin!!!

    Wednesday May 02 2012

     Andy of Toysrevil featured the Smash series coming out tomorrow!


  • Man-E-Toys posts on Smash series!

    Wednesday May 02 2012

     Check out Man-E-Toys for the posts on the Smash!!! series~ 


  • Smash!!! series coming this Thursday May 3rd

    Tuesday May 01 2012

     This thursday May 3rd ( 4:30~5pm eastern) inspired by this weekends Avengers movie... we will release the Smash series!

    Hitting peterkatoshop.com this Thursday May 3rd is the Smash!!! series.

    First up is the Smash Turtle Tetsujin ! $20 each, limited to 8 pcs

    Second the Gamma Shouldiers ! $5 each, limited to 8 pcs as well ( these were from the shock-shouldiers from the pocket power series 1)

    And they'll be some Smash Turtle Tetsujin pin buttons as well~ , $1 each.

  • Man-E-Toys posts 500th article on the Cherry Blossoms series~!

    Thursday Apr 19 2012

     Man-E-Toys one of the newest toy-blogs has just posted their 500th post & lucky me it was about the Cherry Blossoms series! I was also lucky enough to be their very first article ever. Much love to the toy-bloggers out there, they make making friends easier in our toy community!


  • Cherry Blossoms article on Toysrevil~!

    Thursday Apr 19 2012

     Andy at Toyrevil posted a great article on the Cherry Blossoms series!



  • Cherry Blossom Series on Vinyl Pulse!

    Thursday Apr 19 2012

     Yeh~ nice write up on Vinyl Pulse about the Cherry Blossom series~ ( Pink Kawako is sold out!)


  • Cherry Blossom Edition figures on sale starting April 17th( tomorrow!)

    Monday Apr 16 2012


    Here are the "Remember the Cherry Blossoms" series to celebrate the beautiful explosions of cherry blossoms that have been blooming all over these weeks. In this series we have three members each sold separately. 

    First there is : Cherry-Jelly Turtle Tetsujin, cast in clear pink with hand-painted highlights. Also each torso has hand painted cherries with the staple clear resin to seal it in.

    Second we have: Pink Kawako. He will be available in two grades of clear pink. One in pink & the other in light pink.

    And lastly we have : Pink Sky-Cry from the...

  • Green-Gold Turtle Tetsujin varient on sale starting tonight!

    Tuesday Mar 20 2012


    Here to replace the recently sold out "First Turtle Tetsujin" is the special GreenGold Leader varient of the Turtle Tetsujin. He is cast in green clear resin & has painted goldleaf metallic finishings , plus the return of the illustrated character " Little Pea" in the tetsujins torso.

    He is on sale now for $20.00 each.

    Happy Tuesday~!