Hello again~, hope you all are enjoying this freeeezing , snowy New Years Winter! It snowed over 10 inches of packed snow here in NY, 
I know compared to other places that's nothing but we don't get much in snow these days so it was an eye-opener for us!
I'd like to introduce the first toy release from me for 2014. The Uamou Mogu-Tank.
Uamou x Mogu-Tank
This official collaboration is exclusive through Studio Uamou. The tank tread portion is a completely new original sculpt, with a raised Uamou emblem marking the front. It also has a circle opening for the Uamou driver to sit in.
The Uamou piece is also a new sculpt by me and will only be used through Studio Uamou projects. The Mogu portion of the
piece is retooled ( by hand ) to fit over the driver piece comfortably.  The inception of the "driver pod" for the Mogu Tank started
back in NYCC 2012 where Matt from Onell design had suggested that the tank base should have a driver head. At the time it
never dawned on me that the driver head was needed to give the piece a more secure fit.  So this was really all due to Matt
placing the idea in my head. As I was re-engineering the piece for my new base ( with a sculpted Army Jack styled driver ) was
when Ayako Takagi contacted me kindly asking for a Studio Uamou batch of Mogu-Tanks. At that time I had suggested to add
an Uamou emblem to the tank face & she was excited by that and so I asked for some time to complete the project. You see I
was still not confident I would even be able to retool the driver pod on the tank ( at least the way I wanted 
to, or in the time that i was giving myself) so the thought of making an Uamou driver was so not in the plans yet. I actually went
through a couple of frustrating disasters which had me going straight through December, a bit disheartened not being able to 
finish anything for the holiday season I took a dayoff to just cool off with a friend who came for a studio visit. In the visit my
friend was having fun looking at my display of my past figures. She asked which was my favorite of the bunch and after looking 
at the case I told her it was the Uamou x Goto-san x Turtle Tetsujin. As i told her the story of the whole wonderful experience I
had with that piece, I was all excited & giddy. She said it would be great if I did something like that again. Re-energized by the 
simple memory I hadn't thought about in awhile that very night I worked for the next few weeks on not only the tank but also
some other new sculpts I had in the design phases. So sometime after my birthday in January I was able to finish all my new
Happily with no headaches ( but a lot of exacto blade finger-cuts. Ouch!)
After finishing the pieces I sent them to Studio Uamou with the Uamou figure blank. Ayako will hand draw individual Uamou
faces on the pieces making these very personal. They will be then sorted and placed in her store for sale( which should be
within a week or two ) please watch her blog and IG feed for details.
Each Uamou Mogu Tank will sell for 3500 yen. All casted in resin. We hope everyone enjoys them as much as it was for us to
make them. I am happy to say that due to the demand of these pieces via Studio Uamou's emails we are planning another
batch for later in the year.
I am so thankful for the strong fan support & interest in these, big thanks to Matt of Onell Design( who's once a year critique &
brain storming sessions I appreciate and take to heart the rest of each year). and I am always humbled and thankful  for  
 Ayako Takagi's support , guidance & inspiration. What a wonderful way to start the New Year.