Here are the "Remember the Cherry Blossoms" series to celebrate the beautiful explosions of cherry blossoms that have been blooming all over these weeks. In this series we have three members each sold separately. 

First there is : Cherry-Jelly Turtle Tetsujin, cast in clear pink with hand-painted highlights. Also each torso has hand painted cherries with the staple clear resin to seal it in.

Second we have: Pink Kawako. He will be available in two grades of clear pink. One in pink & the other in light pink.

And lastly we have : Pink Sky-Cry from the first series of pocketpowers. He is available in clear pink!

Figures will be up on site for sale Tuesday April 17th around 4pmish eastern time.

Also another announcement: I have been making a lot of figures the last few weeks so there will be many new releases coming at least every week and a half or so. So look out for many new goodies.

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