This is one of two exclusives i have for NYCC this year. Its actually a collaboration with the new york  toyshop/ 3D printing service Cubo NY. 
It all started two months ago when i posted a series of doodles i did for future sculpting projects. This one post led to Cubo NY contacting me to team up to help them promote their “Dream It,Draw It, Print It Campaign”. In this service they are able to take one drawing and provide a full 3D sculpted design followed by a 3D digital print. With my permission they used my drawing and in a matter of weeks a digital sculpt was ready for my approval. I was so impressed with their service skills I not only approved but offered to cast/mold the 3D print so we could make it available at NYCC. So to clarify this figure was designed by me, 3D sculpted and printed by Cubo, then molded,casted & hand painted by me to come up with our collaborative effort Eti the alien nurse. 
The story behind Eti is that she is part of these Alien doctors/nurses that travel space curing diseases and helping all lifeforms. Unfortunately their language is so advanced when they come down to earth to help us/fix us we are usually terrified from the experience because we have no idea what they are saying or doing. Abductions are actually necessary house calls for them to help us from diseases and illnesses we cannot detect. 
This figure is the largest figure i have ever worked on it stands a full chunky 4” high, casted from seven separate parts. Limited to 20 pieces ,each Eti will be priced at $60
Here is Cubo NY’s press info about our collaboration.
CUBO: “With our Dream IT, Draw IT, Print IT campaign we help you create custom toy prototypes and bring your drawings to life using 3D printing. Whether you want a gift or are serious about making a cool new toy to show the world, we can help you get there. Our services include 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing. We specialize in taking a single drawing and making it 3 dimensional or we can take an already sculpted piece and scan it for you. For the first time since opening our doors CUBO has collaborated with toy designer Peter Kato to bring one of his many amazing drawings to life. ETI is an Alien nurse from from the planet mars and has been brought to you using 3D sculpting and 3D printing provided by Cubo. ETI will come with a downloadable set of free 3D printable files for a D.I.Y. Syringe Station! Thanks to Peter, ETI will hit the Shelves for a NY Comic Con 2014 exclusive release."
The syringe recharge station (pictured below below) 
The size is 6" tall. The way to acquire it is by buying an ETI. Inside the box will be a link and instructions on how to download the files. If you just want us to print one out for you then you can just get in touch via e-mail at 
Cubo NY will be at booth #501
I will be scheduled at their signing table from 11am~noon, Friday,Saturday & Sunday. I will be doing sketches for those 
customers who purchase Eti & i will have a little token gift for them as well.
Hope to see you all at NY Comicon~