Sales happen tonight at 9pm! Many of you have stated (via instagram , twitter,Facebook) interest in buying a couple of the bunnies on sale. A few tips about how certain shop sites ( namely this one ) work when it comes to buying limited stock. Just because you have an item in your in-cart box doesn't mean you are safe to browse around the site, during this time the item in your cart can be snatched up by someone who finished their transaction of the same item before you did . Customers have told me this has happened & the same thing happened to me when i was attempting to buy a KanoKid Captain America limited edition print. I sat by the computer right before the scheduled time on the shop page, when the time arrived i refreshed the page, saw the item for sale & immediately snatched one up in my in cart . As i was entering my credit card info my in cart reset and the item was gone, basically the other customers were faster in their transactions than i was. So take care in your selection and best of luck to you all, there are only ten! thank you for your attention and kindness in all the excitement you have shared with Andrea and myself, its been a wonderful week!


peter kato