I wanted to showcase a few special pics that I had received recently. Some are pics from customers kind enough to send me pics in their locales, others are creative postcards of artwork! Thank you to all who take the time to do this, I really appreciates it! 

This was a Jet Black FrightBite that made its way to Mexico City! I love this shot because it was shot in the main square of the city & it brings me back to when I got to visit this wonderful place. 

Here's Turtle Tetsujin in front of the Fine Arts Palace "Bellas Artes" , I'm not sure if I got to go here myself. I definitely must make the time to visit again, must! Thank you Aldo for these pics!

This is very interesting. Lately I have been a huge fan of Instagram , have been an avid participant in that picture appreciating community. There I've met many new friends & new types of artists (whether it's sculptures, painters, graphic artists) all finding a great avenue for expression. It was in this community I met mohojung(IG tag name) who with my permission has been creating these cute photo scenarios with the Pink Kawako. She became a fan & ordered the whole Cherry Blossom series & plans to make the Kawako a Gnome in her IG picture-stories. Thank you Mohojung!

This was one of the first & I was blown away, done by one of my earliest supporters this was made in anticipation of his Green-Gold Leader Turtle Tetsujin order coming soon. I wish I could make that Tshirt! Thank you JP!!!