Today we will focus on a trio of talented artists who actually shared pieces on the main west wall ! Mariangela Tan, Jaz Harold & Abby Denson. These artists have really interesting insights on their pieces for the show!

I have known Mariangela Tan for many years & I have to say she has one of the most amazing creative minds in her field. Her stuff is always unique & is always different from her last pieces. You never know what she'll come up with!

Q:Your inspiration for the show piece?

A: The majority of my needle felted work is an amalgamation of animals, plants and animation. I always try to create art that is more than just something to look at. I want it to engage more than one of your senses. 

My Carnivore Rattlepods are just that, sculptures pleasing to look at, interesting to touch, and something you can hold and shake. They make a nice rattle/maraca sound too. Those pieces are inspired by carnivorous plants and the anime One Piece. There's an episode where Usopp is stuck on an island where all the plants are edible but a lot of the plants also try to eat you. The island itself is a giant carnivorous plant! I wanted to take a stab at making plants that you may see on that island.

Q: what do you have coming up that we should know about?
A: I am working on more rattlepods cause I eventually would eventually like to set-up a window display with them. Also I am in a group show coming up June 30 called Sew Nerdy at Bear and Bird Gallery in FL. Still keeping my pieces secret but they will definitely be geektastic!

Please check her out on her website @

(above: the Rattlepods)

Next we have Jaz Harold who's fantastic piece definitely captures her fans attention!

Q: what was your inspiration for your piece?
A: When I was in elementary school I was a total greek mythology nerd. I read every book I could find about it multiple times. So, it was pretty quick for a harpies or sirens to jump into my head. The popular modern way to portray a female harpie would be an attractive woman with wings and a few other bird attributes, but mostly focused on the sexy lady. My fascination recently has been with things that are sexual but not sexy. In this case the mouth, the eyelashes, the eccentric boobs, the Georgia O'Keeffe wings, and the phallic branch all scream sex, while the figure itself is rather repulsive.

Q: what are you presently working on?
A: This week I hope to finish a 4x6 foot abstract work-- it's my first abstract piece! But fits pretty seamlessly with my other recent works. It's plush, pastel, and continues with the sexual themes. It also seems to convey the fantasy world I've been trying to create in its own way.
I've also put quite a bit of work into a plush cherry blossom installation. I just need to find a place to install it!

Please take a peek at her world @

(above: Jaz's Harpie)

Now we talk with Abby Denson, who's works have been appreciated for decades! She is a wonderful artist!

Q: what was your inspiration for your piece? 

The Mercat is a character I've been using for years in paintings and sketches. I just love the idea of a cat that swims! It was a lot of fun working the glitter into the piece too. 

Q: what do you have coming up that we should know about?

This week I am heading off to Spain for the first time to promote the Spanish edition of my graphic novel, Dolltopia. Very exciting! I also have a new book project in the works which I can hopefully announce soon. Otherwise, you can follow my food and travel comics at !

Check her out! Won't be disappointed!

(above: the Mercat)

More artists tomorrow! Show is still running till Friday~the 18th. check for details.