Here are two wonderful instagrammers that were nice enough to make fan art of my characters:

First up is Bodz Zaman ( IG handle: bodzilla ) who loves to draw( like me). Here is his drawing of FrightBite floating through a forest scene:

Next up is an amazing IG collage-weaver mo LaPastequeBleue( IG handle: mohojung ), I had never scene anything like her work on IG before & I'm so lucky that she likes my characters enough to incorporate them into these great little fantasy scenes. Her themes vary from comical to scifi, always unique always a crowd pleaser. 

She has many so I may have to update a section just for her~.

Please take a minute to check these two on your instagram feed & give them some love ( both are very nice members of the IG community) & check my IG feed if you like as well ( IG handle: peterkato ).