To my surprise earlier in the week I had received a tweet from the Design Toy Awards group. I found out that my Japan Charity figures , the Hinomaru Turtle Tetsujins had been entered into two catagories for this years awards: Best Self-Produced & Best Toy of the Year.

To be included on the list with so many veterans in this industry is really amazing. I honestly thought it was a mistake of some kind( like some twitter-hacking prank or something), but as I checked the link to the DTA 2012 pages I saw that my figure was up there with the rest. Which means someone( or a few someones) took the time to write DTA on why my figure should be among the entries. I don't know who these individuals were but to say I appreciate the overwhelming support in this case is obvious. Thank you, whoever you are, thank you. I'm very lucky to even have half the attention of my supporters.

Please check the links to see the DTA entries for this year: