NY Comicon is here again~( Oct 11th~14th) & for the last few months I have been preparing for it.

Here's a look at brand new sculpted items as well as classic figure new variants, hope you enjoy~


TAKO-CUBEs : sized at 1.5 inches in height these guys are the grunts of the Space Army series I am beginning to flesh out starting this month. They are small and tough but not too bright they are commonly used as cannon fodder in battles. They are more dangerous in numbers and as a species has a wide variety of types which specialize in different tasks and operations.

The first two from the line are the Pinky Teknots & the Red Guards.

The Pinky Teknots are well rounded infantry capable of tasks ranging from ship navigations, communications and artillery. Not as strong as other taco-cubes but possess a very adaptable intelligence.

The Red Guards are the elite commandoes which are experts in specialized security and wpns/tactics. They are a bit tougher than the average takocubes. Very passionate & strong-willed.

These will be priced at a special inroductory price during the days of NYCC for $10 each beginning Oct 11th this thursday. After the show they will be going for $15 each.

NINJA-ROBO : sized at 3 inches high these fellas are the next assault wave. Their primary objective, terminating any and all targets of the Space Army's High Command. They are armed with twin clear red resin Laser Blades for their "Katana-Arms" making them a deadly addition to the war. 

There will be three editions to this figure debuting Oct 11th at NY Comicon(booth 3216) and here at the shop for an introductory price of $20 each. After the convention the figures will be $25 each. 

TAKO-HEADS: These are this years heads I prepared for Onell Designs, honoring them for bringing me into the fold at their booth this year again. The TakoHeads are the same heads as the TakoCubes and feature a Glyos compatible peg to use with their entire Glyos system. The heads are $5 each & currently will only be available at the show at booth 3216.  Please check out the unique world of Glyos at www.onelldesign.com ~

Now lets check out some of our classic figures new NYCC variations. 

The Tasty Rainbows are back!( they debuted at this years SDCC)

Featuring Man-Nie, FrightBite & Kawako these figures have been cast in a variety of clear resins, highlighted with a score of metallic sprays. They will be priced at $10 each. Available at Onell Booth(3216) & here at the shop starting Oct 11th.

Smash vs Stark Turtle Tetsujins!

Being the comicbook lover that I am I needed to make some figures do the superhero cosplay~ and so here they are:

the Hulkish & IronManlike versions of the Turtle Tetsujin will be $20 each limited t 5 pieces each, available at booth 3216 & here at the shop starting Oct 11th.

And finally we have what is very important to me... the Toy Tokyo exclusives Year-One Anniversary editions.

My One Year Anniversary Editions . Originally debuting at last year's NYCC, my three most popular characters Turtle Tetsujin, FrightBite & Kawako are cast in a dark crystal clear resin mix. Limited to a small run they will only be available at the Toy Tokyo booth and only during NY Comicon ( booth #3303 ). Turtle Tetsujin $20 , Kawako & FrightBite $10 each.

These figures were the ones that really got me started in the indie toy scene & have really inspired me to work hard to find their audience. It's been an amazing first year, I look forward to this Second Wave starting with NY Comicon~

see you soon~