Sunday Oct 6th 2013


Hello again~
My goodness its been many many months since I've seen you guys ( actually 11 months to be exact ).
Started this studio rebuild since November 2012 , we completed our new Cortes Studio expansion in June 2013.
It was an incredibly demanding and super rewarding experience, everything was pretty much made from scratch from fine wood!


Artists Eric & Ruth Holswade were the magicians that create all of the beautiful handcrafted interiors such as my Toy series wall display unit, my black finishing drafting table, a floor to ceiling bookcase, a customizable display window door. They were able to make everything that came from my imagination into functional reality.
From June till now, I got hard back into work with my new sculpts , molds , castings & prints from new original drawings.
Everything will be available with the new shop-site reopening this week October 10th 2013 Thursday to coincide with the start of NY Comicon!