So the 17th Annual Gowanus Open Studios come to an end. Here at the Cortes Studio didn't know what to expect so we just tried not to think too much and just let things happen. The weekend was packed with visitors ( art enthusiasts , fellow artists and neighborhood friendlies ) . It was really a  lot of fun, on Sunday before it all began me and my studio-mates took time and went to check out the other artists spaces in the building. It was such a surprise to see how diverse everyones areas were and we were overwhelmed by how awesome our fellow building mates were, so fun & welcoming. I was super excited to see many of my friends come by and I had many highfives about my recent work and space set up. It was incredibly important to me that I made my space welcoming for visitors. I missed people so much. Spending 11 months in this studio space just building it kept me extremely isolated from the world so with this and NY Comicon that just past I feel I have opened my doors not only to my work but to my relationship with people. I look forward to well, seeing you all throughout the year and sharing new adventures.