• Blue Harvest Sale is up & running on peterkatoshop.com!

    Thursday May 31 2012

     We're finally here & the discounted Blue Harvest stock is all here~! This sale is the first of a "Memorial weekendish Annual sales event", the only difference with this sale is that the stock is all new specifically made for he theme! Enjoy~

  • Game Over Video Game Culture Art Exhibition at GiantRobot2 in LA !

    Wednesday May 30 2012

     I'm one of the artist in the upcoming "Game Over Video Game Culture Art Exhibition" at GiantRobot2 in LA, opening reception is this Saturday June 2nd from 6:30-10pm. The show runs till June 27th, so if you are in LA at the time please check it out !

    June 2 -  June 27, 2012
    Opening reception Saturday June 2th 2012, 6:30-10pm

    GR2 – 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 www.gr2.net 310 445 9276

    Giant Robot 2 (GR2) presents: Game Over

    Video Game Culture Art Exhibition

    Artists include:

    Aaron Brown, Albert Reyes, Alex Chiu, Ana...

  • Artist Interview on myplasticheart !

    Wednesday May 23 2012

     Please check out my artists interview on myplasticheart ! This wonderful little store has been so supportive of my work from day one!

    Big thanks to Jessica for the interview~



  • Mini interviews with artists of Buddy's Den Artshow- Day 4

    Thursday May 17 2012


                    (above Specimouse with creator: Anney Fresh!)

    Was very excited to have Anney Fresh in the show, I've admired her work years back with her giant Space Kitty costumes ( you guys have to check: www.anneyfresh.com ). Her piece grabbed a lot of attention opening night & you can see why~!

    Q: what was your inspiration for your piece?

    A: I'm obsessed with cats and mice so I wanted Buddy to catch some kind of mouse creature. I was thinking about how cats...

  • Mini interviews with artists of Buddy's Den Artshow- Day 3

    Wednesday May 16 2012


    (above: Rosie Mounted Head)

    Amos Hemsley has been a professional sculptor in the industry for over 9 years and has been a life-long geek. It was growing up with comic books that lead him to his professional and artistic career.

    Q: Why Rosie?

     A: My inspiration for this piece came from my love of movies, before learning

  • Mini interviews with artists of Buddy's Den Artshow- Day 2

    Tuesday May 15 2012

     Today we will focus on a trio of talented artists who actually shared pieces on the main west wall ! Mariangela Tan, Jaz Harold & Abby Denson. These artists have really interesting insights on their pieces for the show!

    I have known Mariangela Tan for many years & I have to say she has one of the most amazing creative minds in her field. Her stuff is always unique & is always different from her last pieces. You never know what she'll come up with!

    Q:Your inspiration for the show piece?

    A: The majority of my needle felted work is...

  • Mini Interviews with artists of Buddy's Den Artshow!

    Monday May 14 2012

     Here are some follow up tidbits of the artists who participated in the Buddy's Den show( each day I will write about a few):


    Rob Benevides is an artist of many trades( photography, painting, sculpting) & excels at each skill. When we approached Rob to join the show we never knew what he was going to turn up with but we were very pleased with the results.

    Q: What was your inspiration for your piece?

    A:  my inspiration for the piece is a White Walker from Game of Thrones. We haven't seen them...

  • Up early this morning for some sidewalk fun!

    Saturday May 12 2012

     Me & Bridget still on a high from last night's Buddy's den opening woke up this morning to do a little street drawing for the Buddy's Den show! It's a beautiful day today come on out & see the awesomeness of the artists pieces in the exhibition!

  • Last night was a Blast! Buddy's Den show!

    Saturday May 12 2012

     Friday night opening reception was an awesome party at Buddy's Den fantasy taxidermy artshow! Place was packed with a very fun groovy crowd! Thank you artists & friends! Show is running till May 18th 2-7pm!

  • Buddy's Den Group Artshow at Toy Tokyo Underground Friday May 11th

    Monday May 07 2012

     I'll be co-curating a small group artshow at Toy Tokyo Underground this Friday May 11th. The show is my friend Bridget Rhee's vision:

    It's called "Buddy's Den"
    Buddy is a hunter. A cute adorable one. But Buddy doesn't prize the ordinary wild animal, he seeks to collect the eccentric-- fantastic, strange, and unique creatures and odds and ends from the likes no one has ever seen before. 

    Enter Buddy's Den, a group show exhibiting fantasy taxidermy from select New York-based artists.
    Hope you can make it~!

  • Intergalactic Planetary Salute to MCA~

    Sunday May 06 2012

     A small tribute to a giant that passed away this weekend, MCA of the Beastie Boys . RIPeace~

    Check out some history on Fight for Your Right video( one of my best friends directed the video)


  • Smash Turtle Tetsujin sold out this morning!

    Friday May 04 2012

     All Smash Turtle Tetsujins have sold out early this morning! Thank you to all the bloggers, twitter friend retweeters, facebook linkers & instagram likers that help make it happen so fast! Here is an example of one of those supporters on instagram ( username : mohojung) as she creates amazing art collages with mixed media, with my permission she made this on her feed & was a great supporter and got the message out. Thank you again~

  • The Toy Viking covered Smash series!!!

    Thursday May 03 2012

     Big thanks to Chris at the Toy Viking for posting awesome write up ! Check it out!


  • Spankystokes Article on Smash series!!

    Wednesday May 02 2012

     Thanks to Nick(trustpig) writer for SpankyStokes on the great Smash series article!


  • Toysrevil features the Smash Turtle Tetsujin!!!

    Wednesday May 02 2012

     Andy of Toysrevil featured the Smash series coming out tomorrow!


  • Man-E-Toys posts on Smash series!

    Wednesday May 02 2012

     Check out Man-E-Toys for the posts on the Smash!!! series~ 


  • Smash!!! series coming this Thursday May 3rd

    Tuesday May 01 2012

     This thursday May 3rd ( 4:30~5pm eastern) inspired by this weekends Avengers movie... we will release the Smash series!

    Hitting peterkatoshop.com this Thursday May 3rd is the Smash!!! series.

    First up is the Smash Turtle Tetsujin ! $20 each, limited to 8 pcs

    Second the Gamma Shouldiers ! $5 each, limited to 8 pcs as well ( these were from the shock-shouldiers from the pocket power series 1)

    And they'll be some Smash Turtle Tetsujin pin buttons as well~ , $1 each.

  • Gifties from Rampage Toys!

    Monday Apr 30 2012

     Jon of Rampage Toys , one of the best figure painters around has sent me a set of Karate Kats he painted for this past wkends Superfest in Tokyo! He also included some groovy pin-buttons from his awesome show at Studio Uamou~! Thanks Jon!

  • FrightBite drawn by Andy of Toysrevil!

    Monday Apr 30 2012

     Andy of Toysrevil has been hard at work putting together his series of sketch cards and in the deck is his variation of FrightBite . I love the Spawn-like essence he put in! Love it! Fan-art to me is one of the most flattering compliments ever~

  • Thank you to You! Amazing fan pics~

    Friday Apr 27 2012

     I wanted to showcase a few special pics that I had received recently. Some are pics from customers kind enough to send me pics in their locales, others are creative postcards of artwork! Thank you to all who take the time to do this, I really appreciates it! 

    This was a Jet Black FrightBite that made its way to Mexico City! I love this shot because it was shot in the main square of the city & it brings me back to when I got to visit this wonderful place.